Monday, February 19, 2024

Revisiting Ice Drops


All of the reorganizing I've been doing for the past week got me to thinking about Ice Drops. So, I pulled out my pattern book and started with the Basic Ice Drop that got me into tatting with cabochons. This is the original pattern with a chain around the edge of the glass gem.

This is the same pattern without the extra chain. Isn't it strange that they look so different? I have an idea for an Ice Drop tree, and I think I will be using this blue, Lizbeth #704 Sky Blue Med. 

I finished off some St. Patrick's Day gnomes today. Adding the beards takes very little time. These are all for my daughters and grandchildren, but I'm pretty sure I will have some to pass out at school by the time I finish!


  1. Splendid Irish gnomes. I saw Sue’s ice drops recently and thought I’d like to revisit ice drops. Problem is, there are so many things to revisit!

  2. If one of your Irish gnomes turned Leprechaun, what would be different about him?

  3. I went back to Ice Drops to empty some shuttles and use up some gems. ;) Those look great!! :)


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