Friday, November 27, 2009

"The Second Day of December" tatted snowflake

I was inspired by the beautiful snowflake that Pamela sent me, so I opened up my copy of 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn and started tatting! I skipped the first pattern because it's all rings with short lengths of thread between them. I'm not very good at that! I was so eager to begin, I grabbed the first ball of thread I saw. While this is a very pretty green (Flora #228), it certainly doesn't look much like snow! It did serve the purpose I needed... to see how much thread I need before tatting it in HDT. Don't look too closely... you'll see the ring I messed up!

I think I may try larger picots on the next one for a more feathery look. What do you think?


  1. I like that thread and that book! What messed up ring? I don't see a messed up ring. I've been working out of that book today, too. See? Great minds think alike.

  2. I left a message on Steph's blog today about the same book! You guys!

    These snowflakes are so very pretty. I like this one in the minty green. Rather refreshing!

    Fox : )

  3. Oooh...I've been tatting snowflakes from that book this evening too! Can't show as they are going to my SS person.

  4. Glad to have inspired you, I am trying to work thro the them or not!...but not getting very far.
    I keep trying to make longer picots but they always end up the same!
    We all have the one mind!

  5. It's absolutely beautiful! Doesn't look to Christmassy, aye? I think I know a mutual friend of ours who has a Christmas tree that would look perfect with that snowflake! Not to mention any names, here, but her first name starts with a "lllllaaaaauuurrraa". Oh, darn it all! I spilled the beans...don't you think that would look perfect on Laura's tree? I do, LOL!
    I have that book, too and have done a few snowflakes. Not that one, though. Although, you may have inspired me to try that one because it looks so pretty tatted up!

  6. I like color snowflakes and that color is truely eye catching! ( Have to hide that from the daughter that is one of her fav I have that book and still need to make some of them. I also got the new Festive Snowflakes by Barabra Foster. You need to check them out also. By the way what mistake?

  7. it looks cool even though it's green lol. snowflake time...


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