Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tatting "Beatrice" - Day 6

I didn't think I tatted very much last night until I compared the pictures this morning. I forgot a join, so I had to retro-tat two rings and a short section of chain. Amazingly, that only took me about a half hour! I also had to take time to wind my shuttle and join the new thread. I think the next time I make this, I might wind several shuttles before I start so I can keep my momentum!

Yes, I ordered some of the snowflake picture frames! Now I have to find a pattern and thread that will work. The opening is only 1 1/4", so I think the snowflake can't be more than 1" in diameter. The snowflakes are very lightweight, especially compared to the other photo frames I have. They can hang from the ribbon, which I don't really like... I think I'll replace it with some pretty organza! The also have a magnet on the back, and there's an easel so that it can stand up! What a treat! I doubt that I'll get these made for this Christmas, but I'm all set for next year!


  1. The end is nigh!!!!! I see light at the end of the tunnel!!!

  2. I was going to order those lovely frames however the postage to Australia was over $20 nevermind.

  3. Almost Diane! Can't wait to see it done, it's so pretty...maybe tomorrow?! Get tatting!!!! Hugs, ;)


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