Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tatting "Beatrice" - Day 2

I managed to get quite a bit tatted in between other activities yesterday. I did finish most of the laundry, and I made a pot of soup for dinner. I guess I should have dusted and done some organizing in the sewing room. Instead, I visited on the phone with my mom and daughters, watched some recorded t.v. shows, and I tatted! With a little time management, I could have accomplished a lot more on all fronts, but I felt like having a lazy day, so I did! : )


  1. Sounds like you got a lot done yesterday...a pot of soup AND all that tatting! Bravo! :) I got my living room cleaned and no tatting. :(

  2. And a pot of soup! Well, you seem to be progressing nicely with time management!

    Sometimes dinner hour rolls around and I have tatted through any hope of anything beyond a peanut butter sandwich!

    The Beatrice is looking very pretty.
    Fox : )

  3. Ha! Well you outdid me on all fronts! Sounds like you deserved all the "me" time you could get.

  4. That sounds like a VERY nice way to spend the day! My husband would be THRILLED with laundry done and a pot of soup! Pretty project you have going!
    :) Ann

  5. Beatrice is working up to be quite a beauty! I really get a kick out of seeing your lace progress.

    I need house elves to come do my chores! Sadly, I haven't found any willing to work for me yet. And don't even THINK about asking the tooth fairy to moonlight...


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