Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spinning Wheel

I had great intentions of completing this Spinning Wheel in short order. However, Tuesday night I fell asleep in my chair... not much tatting! Yesterday morning I thought I'd get a whole lot of tatting done. Then I remembered that I didn't do laundry over the weekend because of the play. Yes, I did tat... between phone calls! I visited with my daughter Alison (Squeaky Alligator) on the phone several times, and I talked with some friends as well. I'm no good at tatting while talking on the phone... shoulder cramps!

I also spent a lot of time online catching up on blog reading... boy, was I behind! I didn't leave many comments, but I did catch up on every single blog I could think of!

What's that saying, Mom? The road to hell is paved with good intentions? I guess it's a good thing that I had GREAT intentions rather than GOOD ones!


  1. At least you have tatting to show! Mine has all been repetitive or unsuccessful lately. Maybe doing Spinning Wheel would put me back on track --- now where is that book?

  2. I'm with Marty! I finished a snowflake only to realize I'd missed a picot on the very first go around, so my snowflake has five arms and not 6; so it became a star. I refuse to put it in the round file because it has block tatting elements and THEY turned out really good. I'll post it on my blog, and all who have read this will know the story behind my 'star' LOL
    I can't talk and tat at the same time although I can multitask with other activities.
    Better get back to 'sheep'; at least that is moving along at a good pace and without error ~ knock wood ~ SO FAR.....B

  3. I know huh? It's so easy to fall behind on blogs these days...I have 181 tatting related blogs on my blog roll now. How am I supposed to keep up???

  4. I'm sure God gives brownie points for good intentions.

  5. Now, if brownie points only led to real brownies, that would be something! If they did, I would be buried under a mountain of "Good Intention Brownies." LOL!

    Your spinning wheel is so lovely. Don't rush it. Rushing only leads to retrotatting or tears.

  6. What color is that thread? Did you already say in another post? I read so many blog posts in between everyone's successive posts that I cannot remember these things, LOL!

  7. Hi Sweetie! This is coming out beautiful, and those colors are lovely too...Did you finish Beatrice yet??? I know...there's nothing like pressure from your bloggy friends!!! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Paulette ;)

  8. Heh, you´re not alone.. sometimes happens, that at some point (when knitting) I just realize I´ve "fallen asleep", and have absolutely no idea of what I´ve been up to during the last couple of rounds :))

    Then it´s just better to leave things as they are and go to sleep for real - and try again the next day.. it´s just so funny how far we sometimes go: "..juuust a little more, one more round.. okay one more.. zzzz.." lol =D

    Haha, I wish you a nice weekend!!


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