Monday, November 9, 2009

Tatting "Beatrice" - Day 8

After yesterday's performance of Seussical Jr. (which was a huge success!), I sat down to work on Beatrice. I was in a tatting zone, and I would have finished her last night, but I don't have enough thread! Luckily, Tatskool still had some in her shop, so I placed my order for more Raspberry Sorbet. The last pattern repeat will just have to wait for a little bit!

In the meantime, I doodled with size 80 Weeping Cherry from LadyShuttleMaker. This simple little snowflake is about the right size for the frame, but I need to find a background color so that the beautiful thread stands out. I think I"ll play with some variations on this design so that the snowflake has some points.


  1. Wow, are you ever lucky that there is some thread available! You must like to live dangerously, throwing caution to the wind and all that!

    The snowflake looks great. Points will only enhance it!

  2. Try black for snowflake. The framed piece you made for me looks great with a black background. It makes the colors pop.

  3. It's going in the post tomorrow, The very last of this batch! Hope it's similar enough to the one you got!
    Gonna be fab.

  4. It's looking just soooo beautiful! Almost there Diane!!! Happy the play went well! Hugs, ;)

  5. Hope your thread arrive quickly and you can get Beatrice done up soon.

    The snowflake frame is cute. I think I would use red background with white snowflake.

  6. Wow look at you go! It's cool to see your progress.....encouraging too. Maybe I can finish something lol!


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