Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back to the Spinning Wheel

...glass mat from Tatting With Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. This has to be one of my all time favorite patterns... I've made so many of them!

When Krystledawne (aka Dr. Von Threadmore) decided to list her "extra" thread, I just couldn't resist! I know HDT is a little pricier than Flora or Lizbeth, but it is so nice to work with! Besides, when I buy a little HDT here and a little HDT there, I feel like I am supporting the very talented ladies who are willing to experiment and then share! Of course, now I have a stash large enough to keep me tatting for years, but buying nice tatting supplies is so much cheaper than therapy!


  1. Ohmigolly! I can't decide which is most fascinating, the tatting, the HDT, the print-out of the pattern (did you draw the diagram yourself?) or the awesome shuttles you are using! LOL!

    What colorway of Dr. VT is the one you are using?

    Can you share the story of how those gorgeous shuttles came to live with you?

    P.S. Coming soon to Ambitatterous blog -- a post about HDT stash!

  2. Tatting supplies don't take up as much room as fabric. No need for an extra bathtub.

  3. Pretty thread for the spinning wheel, for certain! I often tell people my thread (and book) habit is not any cheaper than a cocaine habit, but it lots healthier!

  4. I was just tickled to see you using my thread! :-) Dr. V does appreciate the support indeed lol.

    question for you- Do you do frontside/backside on your spinning wheels? I use one shuttle and a few SLT's myself, and my frontside ends up spinning the wrong direction I think.

  5. Then again, having had therapy, I know what that costs and sometimes I get carried away buying supplies and it can start costing more than the therapy lol. But then I also have lovely things to keep or give on those gift giving times.

  6. Hello Diane.
    So tis spinning wheel will be piece number ...
    Also like your shuttles.

  7. Your shuttle is lovely! It looks like one from Grizzly Mountain Arts! (I have one just like it!)

    You are probably one of the "HDT Makers" biggest fans! I'm sure each and everyone of them appreciate your support. I'm not sure what color you are using of Krystle Dawn's ....er....Dr Threadmore's....but I'm sure it will be lovely all tatted up!


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