Monday, November 2, 2009

Tatting "Beatrice" - Day 3

I love Sunday afternoons during football season! I can sit and tat/knit/crochet/cq guilt free for three hours while Dave watches football! I don't mind football, but I probably wouldn't turn it on if I was the only one home. I'd rather watch baseball. Anyway, during the game I was able to tat, work on my other mitten, and farm! Imagine how much I could have accomplished if my wrist had allowed me to tat for the entire game!


  1. Beatrice is coming along nicely. Lovely colours too.

  2. I really love those things you do, the colors and all - and you are very good at what you do!! Your blog actually encouraged me so much, that I bought my own "starting-kit" last summer!

    I just didn´t have time to get really started.. though I know this fever will arise with spring again (it always does), and I´ll find my crochet hooks and stuff then again.. so in the meanwhile I´ll just keep waiting and knitting :))

    I wish you´ll have plenty of those games to "watch" lol, have a nice week :)

  3. Isn't it funny how we feel "guilty" when we are sitting, doing what we like best.

    Beatrice is just gorgeous and her colour is lovely.


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