Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hearts for Misha

Never let it be said that I tat a pattern correctly the first time.

Case in point... Fox's "Heart for Misha." I was so excited about my doodads arriving, I sat down and started tatting using the first doodad package I laid my hands on. See the heart on the left? I made a mistake. How is it possible to make a mistake while looking at a diagram? I have no idea, but I managed to do it!

I did not feel like retro-tatting, so I tried to make the best of it. It's okay, but not nearly  as pretty as the heart tatted the way Fox intended it (heart on the right). Of course, maybe that's because the heart on the right uses the same doodad as in Fox's picture.

I think I may have miscounted the stitches in the large ring at the bottom. Luckily, I have some more doodads to play with!

P.S. ~ I ordered my doodads from Fire Mountain Gems, a very dangerous place to shop! ;-)


  1. They are different, but I like them both. I was admiring your doodads last night and wondering where you got them. I need more tatting time . . .

  2. I especially lke you new version of the heart, ilike how the bottom ring shows up so well.

  3. Teresa, I ordered my doodads from Fire Mountain Gems... a very dangerous site! If you go there, hold on tight to your wallet! ;-)

  4. Ooooh! Pretty, Diane! That doodad on the second one works well with the pattern, doesn't it?

    I was first introduced to Fire Mountain Gems by Miranda, who sent me a most generous gift from them... DANGEROUS place indeed! All my Delicas - most of them anyway - are from them. Ah, beads...

    Fox : )

  5. I think your 'mistake' would look good on a card or as a bookmark. Most people would have no idea it wasn't quite right. But I agree, I like the shape that Fix originally came up with best. Great job on both!

  6. Both are quite lovely, I think we are just used to seeing the original Fox version of the heart. thx for the Firemountain tip - the pattern needs a decoration!

    And, I have to get that pattern ordered. Last time I tried, I couldn't get cooperation from pay pal or I should say, couldn't recall my passwords. sigh the fossil brain.

  7. Fire Mountain Gems is aptly named....a mountain of beads that can burn a hole through any
    well, mine anyway...
    I think the skinny heart looks good, too, Diane.

  8. I think both hearts are really awesome and I like the difference between the two!! :)

  9. I think they are both very pretty!! I think you are right about which doo-dad you use, may change how the heart looks. Finally I am getting back to my blogs and tatting after a long absence (and finger injury!)-woo hoo!!


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