Friday, August 24, 2012

Casey finishes first!

I'm so excited! Casey over at Casey's Minis is the first one to post about her completed doodads! Casey drew her design idea right on the card that came with the doodads and used some beautiful threads to tat the design. I hope you'll check out her blog and check out her design!

It is so great to be back at school and see all the kids! They either age you quickly or keep you young. Since this is my 28th year teaching, I think they're keeping me young! However, I am finding that I'm much more tired at then end of the day. I even dozed off with my tatting in my hands the other night. I'm guessing my finished tatting pieces will be fewer and further between!

I had a fabulous mail day today!

First, some fabulous findings from the ever-friendly and generous Fox! We exchanged some doodads, and I am thrilled that the ones Fox sent to me are totally different from what I sent her. I see a lot of tatting fun in my future! Thank you, Fox!

Lelia sent me some wonderful pastel shuttles for blinging. She sure knows the way to my bling-happy heart! She also sent me a wonderful little tin for holding needles. It's magnetized so that the needles don't fall out. I think I need to window shop more often so that I can find wonderful little goodies like this! Thank you, Lelia!

I finished an Origami bag for my granddaughter's friend Emily. Eva is teaching her how to tat! The funky mod shuttles on the left are for Emily. The pastel shuttles on the right are an experiment. I kept one layer of the white backing on the napkin to see if the floral pattern showed up better. I think it does, but I'm not sure if I like it or not.

Yes, I've been taking pictures with my computer on my lap. I'm almost finished with my 4-Eva Spinning Wheel. Five rings to go! I think it's time to get off the computer and get some tatting done!


  1. Good for Eva, great way to spread tatting to a younger generation. I'm sure the bag and shuttles will be an encouragement too. Am off to check on how your doodads were used.

  2. Another tatter, one more for the world of tatters well done to her.
    Lovely doodads, I am interested what you do with those.
    Lovely spinning wheel doily, love the colours.
    Our kids don't go back to school until the beginning of September, This weekend is a bank holiday here in England, I am sure you make a fab treacher and they learn a lot form you. How old are your pupils?

  3. I forgot I have popped over to see Caseys blog, beautiful colours and great pattern, I think she did a wonderful job

  4. Margaret, I teach PreK-5th grade students (4-11 years old). This year, I also go to the middle school/high school library at the end of the day. It's great fun to see how the kids have grown up!

  5. Lovely bag & shuttles & everything : ) So glad Eva & Emily are bonding over tatting. This will link them throughout their lives : )

  6. You might not have as much time for tatting now that school has started but you'll have all those doodads enticing you to take a bit of time to tat. Just don't stay up to late!

    It's wonderful that Eva is teaching a friend to tat. Tatting rules the world!

    I haven't stated with my doodads yet, I'm still trying to decide what color to use (and just exactly what I want to do with them!)

  7. Love the look of that glass mat!! :)


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