Monday, August 27, 2012

Doodad Double Dare #3!

Sarah joined the challenge, but she doesn't have a blog... yet! How about some comments to encourage her to join the blogosphere!

The following is copied and pasted from the email Sarah sent today...

This is what I came up with. I am thinking the size 40 thread works with the delicacy of the  doodad but if you were  to ware these as pendents or even earrings a heavier thread might be better, or maybe they just need to be stiffened. I may cut them apart and try something with size 20 thread  but I wanted you to see my first attempts. At any rate I'm having fun and learning some things too. Tatting onto a doodad is not as easy as one might think! Thanks for the challenge. 


p.s. Yes, the spinning wheel mate was made with Lizbeth Pink Marble # 20 Thanks for the compliment. : )

Simple but sweet
Basic ring and chain size 40 thread Lizbeth Sherbet Delight 

Front side of small motif I found on the internet by Lisa Tumble
Thread is Jess's Fancy Field size 40 

This is the reverse side


  1. Diane, for some reason, none of the photos show for me. All I get is the infamous little red X!

  2. Both sides are fun with that second one...could be worn either way!

  3. Ooo..very pretty!!

  4. Sarah - you need a blog!!! These are wonderful ; )

  5. Sorry to say the pictures are very dark, but what I can see Sarah has done a beautiful job. Well done Sarah hope to see you in blog land one day.


  6. Hi Diana

    The postman has walked and snail mail has worked your doodads have just arrived, thank you so much I will take them on holiday and play

    Thank you for letting me join in with your game

  7. Those both look really awesome!!! Would love to see more of her tatting!! :)

  8. Beautiful! I love how there are chains on the backside! The thread color is


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