Saturday, August 18, 2012

Diane's Doodad Double Dare

Okay, these doodads are burning a hole in my pocket already. I just have to share! So, I'm introducing Diane's Doodad Double Dare!

As you can see, there are 15 different doodads. Some are domed, some are flat. You will not get a choice of doodads. You get what you get. Some are smaller than others. The largest is 3/4".

I'll put together 30 sets to begin with. Never fear if you are not among the first 30. I'm pretty sure I have enough to share. Besides, there might not be 30 people interested in participating!

Each person who enters Diane's Doodad Double Dare will receive two of the same doodad. Send me an email at Diane Cademartori @ gmail dot com (no spaces, of course) with your name and mailing address. Yes, I do have many of your addresses, but it's so much simpler if you send it with the email.

The Double Dare? Tat a design around the two doodads and post them on your blog for all to see by the end of September. Don't have a blog? Send a picture to me, and I'll post it on my blog, giving you the credit. The design can be original or an adaptation of an already published pattern... please make sure you credit the original designer! Fair is fair, you know. (Just a thought... Fox has already designed doodad ready patterns. Why not give one a whirl? All fun, no work!)

Why two doodads? I know that a lot of you can wear earrings (I can't), and I thought maybe you'd like to tat a pair of earrings for yourself. But, if you're like me and can't wear earrings, maybe you'll choose to make two pendants, two bookmarks, two doilies... whatever suits your fancy!

Come on... I double dare you!

Oh, and thank you, Fox... you're the one who inspired me to start with this obsession! 


  1. Absolutely Amazing Alliteration and Dramatic Delightful Dare!

    Love this idea! You come up with the best plans for Tat-land!

    These doodads are fabbo! You must have an eye for these things. I went to the bead store but only picked out a few kinds as I find the plethora of options overwhelming! I only pick up a few at a time.. Course it is only 15 minutes from home!

    Great selection!
    Fox, Enabler of All Things Doodad : )

  2. I love these doo-dads - you'll be hearing from me.

    I love Fire Mountain Gems - and it's easy to get their discount!

  3. Oooo, a double dare! And you an educator! But this is a good kind of dare, to get our imaginations working! Not like we'd do this instead of housework, or studying, or sleeping... I have to say, those doodads look mighty enticing.
    (Great idea!)

  4. This whole doodad affair is very interesting to me as a lot of the designs on my site were originally made on doodads but then I changed them because I was worried that people wouldn't be able to get the 'right doodad' for each design so I put a tatted centre. I'm delighted that you and Fox are now making doodads the 'real deal' and hope many will now not be afraid of them. Guess what? I've been tatting on doodads and buttons this afternoon!!!

  5. A doodad dare ya! I love it! I'd like to participate, but DD and family arrive on Monday and I know I'm going to be busy getting to know my son-in-law and granddaughter! Maybe next time. Have double fun!

  6. Just sent you an email :) I would love to participate in your double dare!! Sounds like lots of fun!

  7. so, my question is - are those supposed to be two different designs (as in, two bracelets) or one design (as in, two earrings)? :D
    either way, i'm so in :D

  8. Diane, you are sure to hear from me ;-)

    I'm hoping your challenge and my new HDT from Jess will be just what I need to jump start my tatting muse.

    Thank you!

  9. I'll take that dare! I can wear earrings -- but maybe two different things in the same color. After all, I have earrings that represent the ball court at Chichen Itza, one is a round green ball and one is an orange hoop. :)

  10. Good Grief! I got so excited about the doodad challenge I forgot to tell you my address is marty1066 at yahoo dot com. There, now I've gone and entered twice!

  11. You are so generous! What a fun double dare! I can't wait to see some of the results.

  12. Did you see this contest, via Tatting Corner web page:

    And, I have ;printed out the two patterns by Fox which use findings.

    What an enabler - what fun ; )

  13. Jane, I had forgotten your tatting with doodads. My apologies! When I think of you, I think beads, beads, and more beads... fantastic! Thanks for the gentle reminder of your contribution to my current doodad fascination. Between you and Fox, I guess I'm in big trouble! ;-)

  14. I spent two days this week sorting through a Fire Mountain Gem order as I'd ordered a bunch of random things as well as things to dismantle (Dutch Auction with up to 90% off of items was good to me). I ended up with some doodads and, of course, knew I would use them with tatting. I read your post and just used one and... Ew. I guess it's no bad for my first time trying to do such a thing, but.... Yuck! My stitch counts are so off! I'm starting to think I'll never figure out how to make things on my own sans pattern. >.< Ugh. *grabs scissors*

    Stephanie Grace
    P.S. Thank you for finally pushing me to try. I've had elements and doodads sitting for over two years and this is the first time I've actually thrown caution to the wind and tried. ...I will try again, though. :-)

  15. What, are you daring me?

    Of course I'm in!!!

    I will add tot he pattern ideas (Fox's and Jane's), the earrings Melanie sent me earlier this year:

    I love them!

    I have not been tatting much lately, but now I have my shuttles out again so I'll be happy to take part!

  16. I never could resist a good dare! September is shaping up to be a very exciting month!

  17. Diane, I wanted to let the really good tatters have a chance first. Since you say that you have a lot left this morning, I decided to join in. I do design my own pieces so I will give it a go if you have any left.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. Love to try this challenge - now to find some doodads!

  19. HA! this sounds like absolute fun! we still aren't home yet, but I will see if I can squeeze something in when we get back home, if not, I will definitely look forward to seeing everything from everyone!

  20. I am not sure if I m supposed to post here when I finish... But this is my entry!

  21. Hi Diane, I LOVE these Doodads and I'd like to create beautiful earrings from them. I'm searching for them on the internet all the time, I'd like to buy some but I cannot find a website, I didn't find this doodad even on ebay... :( Could you please help me or advise me how to get them? Thank you very much! Erika from Slovakia :)

  22. Hi, Erika! I found the doodads here...

    They're not expensive, but it may be too much for international shipping. If you send me your mailing address, I'd be happy to share some of my doodads with you.

  23. Hi Diane,

    Really L-O-V-E your blog! Great stuff! Anyways, I've recently run into a doodad-related issue and was hoping you might be able to help! I work in purchasing and there is a doodad shortage (gasp!) And my customers are getting impatient, and quite frankly, I can't blame them! We require the doodads to use as containers for our thingy-mabobbers so they aren't hanging all over our desks all cattywompus like. You can imagine what a desk looks without a good doodad! I was wondering how much you sell your doodads for? Is the cost great? If you have reasonably priced doodads I would love to purchase them! Please let me know!

    Distressed Doodad Dude


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