Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh, my!

Lelia just let me know that my version of Nancy Tracy's beautiful doily has been featured on Craft Gossip. I don't know how that happens, but I am flattered!

First of all, thank you to Nancy Tracy for sharing her pattern, Mom's Pink Doily. Second, thank you to Miranda for challenging all of us to tat a pattern based on a piece of fabric.

In case you aren't aware, Miranda found a fabric at JoAnn's called "Flee Market Doily." The challenge was to tat a doily based on a picture of the fabric. One of Miranda's readers, Frances, noticed that the doily on the fabric was actually the first three rounds of Nancy's doily. I applaud Miranda for taking a stand against copyright infringement, and for contacting Nancy regarding her challenge.

Miranda posted on her blog, "I just heard back from Nancy Tracy. She doesn't mind the "Tat This!" challenge, since no one is trying to claim her idea as their own or make money from it, and she says she is interested to see what people come up with."

So, although my pattern is nowhere near being original, I am happy to share my interpretation with everyone.


  1. Congratulations! That is so cool. Your doily is beautiful.

  2. Gosh how great, many congratulations

  3. How cool is that?! Craft gossip seems to be mostly needlework of one sort of another - great to have a little tatting out there. Your doily did turn out very well and obviously there's other people on the 'net that think so as well.

  4. Hi! You're featured from time to time on CraftGossip because I follow your blog! Thank you for your thorough explanation of and credit for the design you used. (Crafty people are so generous and kind.) Regardless of the origins of the pattern, your workmanship is excellent, as always--which is why I keep an eye on you. CraftGossip doesn't yet have a blog devoted solely to tatting, so I love to cover tatting news when I can. If you or your readers have something to share, you can always reach me at

    Best wishes,


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