Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Starting over...

One of Miranda's readers, Frances, noticed that the doily print on the "Flee Market Doily" fabric from JoAnn's is actually the first three rounds of "Mom's Pink Doily" by Nancy Tracy. I didn't have to do all that thinking after all!

I went to Nancy's site ( and decided to follow her free pattern. In the first round, my rings were the same stitch count, but I had two extra stitches on each chain. So, I decided to start over. I'm really interested to see how the first three rounds compare to the pattern I tatted!

By the way, since I am obviously not tatting in pink, and this is for my daughter Joanne, my doily will be called Joanne's Green Doily (my interpretation of Mom's Pink Doily by Nancy Tracy). I'll try to come up with a simpler moniker for future posts. ; )


  1. I think it will look good no matter what you call it.
    You did a very good job at the interpretation.

  2. It will look lovely no matter what name you give it.
    The colour looks gorgeous

  3. I love that variegated green! Your doily will be lovely.

  4. A lovely start! May I ask what brand of thread that is? Very pretty!


    You are featured on Craft Gossip.

    The post is HERE

  6. I've tatted up that pattern before and loved it! I started the doily when I first learned to tat and have added more rounds to it every year. Here is the link to the post that has some pictures!


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