Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lucky number 5

I have always liked the number 5. It is, without a doubt, my favorite number. Maybe that's because when I was a little girl, I discovered that each of my names had 5 letters... Diane Carol Green. I always felt that my parents planned it that way, but I could be wrong! ;-)

Yesterday, when my student tatters were here, I managed to finish my 5th motif on Round 9 of Renulek's Letnia. See... lucky number 5!

There were 8 students yesterday, and we had so much fun tatting and chatting, I forgot to take pictures! We didn't get a whole lot accomplished, but Kennedy, who just finished 1st grade learned the flip! She was quite pleased with herself. Older sister Dylan has been encouraging her to learn.

Janie returned  Tatting Collage and with her big, brown eyes opened wide, she told me the book was wonderful! John was too busy to watch the tatting video, and Paige was home sick, so I don't know what she thinks of the book she borrowed.

Celtic Tatting by Rozella Linden and Tatted Doilies by Iris Niebach were checked out yesterday. It will be interesting to see the kids' reactions to the intricate designs in these two books!


  1. Your doily continues to look wonderful!!! :)

  2. ...Janie returned Tatting Collage and with her big, brown eyes opened wide, she told me the book was wonderful!....

    So delightful!

  3. As an ex- teacher, i am amazed that your tatting kids now also borrow books. They will vagiely remember these patterns, and one day, they will male them!

  4. Your doily looks beautiful, I really like the colours.
    Tatting collage is a lovely book, I know the author lives in some remote part of Scotland, I really enjoyed the book when I was given it and last Christmas brought it for my grand daughter, who also loved it.
    I think your tatting group of kids are wonderful and you must be a great teacher.

  5. What a pleasant summer you are having I can't image it any better than your description :)

  6. It's exhausting trying to keep up with your activities! You've already done so much in just a few weeks - with your family visiting (great photo - totally amazing!) and weaving wonderful bags, and tatting and giving lessons in your home! Quite a vacation so far! So glad the kids can borrow the books - great idea!

    It's all I can to do navigate the blogs, and now that I've joined In Tatters I'm spending a whole lot of time learning to navigate around, where there is so much to catch up on!

  7. The doily looks great, Diane! I think it's wonderful having Summer Tatting School! Your students are so lucky to have you teaching them. I love their enthusiasm.


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