Monday, January 26, 2015

Back to where I was

I'm finally back to the point where I was when Carollyn saw my mistake, and I'm feeling pretty good about how this round is going. I have a feeling it's going to take a while, but I don't mind. I really like this round!

I forgot to post my progress on Jane's TIAS yesterday. At this point, I think it looks like needle nose pliers!


  1. I've done my share of snipping too! the more experienced I get, the more I can handle the snipping. No worries. I can do it again!

  2. Yes
    grace is right after this snipping is no biggy
    I do agree this round seems pleasant and quicker to make than those motifs!
    Looking good :)

  3. Oh My Dear. I am reviewing your posts I have missed and I cannot believe you had to cut so much of your beautiful doily. I think I would just die. Your tatting is stunning...your weaving is stunning and your crocheting is stunning. YOU are Stunning my friend...

  4. Looks like you are doing really well gaining back ground on your doily!! :)

  5. Well done for getting back to where you were,
    I told Fox I thought it might be a lobster


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