Monday, January 19, 2015

Starting Round 6

Honestly, I wonder how I manage to accomplish anything fun during a full work week. Since there was no school today, I took care of some long-neglected chores, including finally getting my shingles vaccine. It was expensive... no, insurance did not cover it... but if it lessens the chance of me ever getting shingles again, it's well worth the cost!

I did find time to begin round 6 today. I did check to see how long it took me to tat the rings and chains between motifs... a little over 30 minutes. I'm 1/3 of the way around!


  1. It's still looking wonderful!!! :)

  2. You continue to move right along!
    I can understand your wanting to do all the rounds (although it seems daunting to me!) but it's nice to know it really can look finished after round 5. It's a great design.

    As I recall, even the shingles didn't keep you down for long! Glad you got the shot, though.

  3. No, you don't want shingles again. Good start to round 5.

  4. Great start for the next round,
    No you won't want shingles again, hope you feel ok after the jab

  5. I've also started my own doily. Seeing yours pushed me to pick a 'big' doily.


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