Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lazy day

I was really lazy today. I went to get my hair cut, and when I came home I was so cold I just decided to be lazy. I'm ready for this bitterly cold weather to end, and it's only January!

I watched two oldies but goodies this afternoon: War Games and Father Goose. I hadn't seen either movie in a long time, so I spent more time watching than tatting. Still, I did manage to get a little tatting done.

Four out of the twelve motifs for this round are finished. Yes, they are time consuming, but each motif is an easy tat, and I'm really enjoying watching this doily grow. Who knows? Maybe I'll get another motif tatted before I head off to bed!


  1. I love Cary Grant! - sounds like a delightful afternoon. And your work on the Monster pattern is zooming along. I'm enjoying it!

  2. Sounds like a great afternoon, and a nice way to warm up.the doily is growing looking good

  3. Looking good I have two done now and wondering if you noticed the chain count is missing for round 7 and 8, just thinking ahead, I need to check intatters I guess?

  4. Your doily is looking wonderful!! :)

  5. Opposite here in Australia Diane!! WAY too hot to even think about tatting!

    I am glad you are racing along with your Stawasz. Looks lovely.

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