Friday, January 30, 2015

Fixing another mistake

I was up early today, so I had some time to tat before school. Maybe that wasn't such a good thing, because when I sat down to tat this evening, I realized that I had tatted the wrong stitch count on the last ring of the previous "tree." I hadn't gotten very far when I realized my mistake, so I retro- tatted.

Now it's fixed, and I can move on!

My fascination with the 45 Minute Cowl pattern from Lion Brand Yarn continues. I still can't finish one in 45 minutes, but I do enjoy making them! This one is in Lion Brand Amazing "Violets."

This one is in Amazing "Mauna Loa." I guess I'm not the only one fascinated with both the pattern and the yarn. I sold two of them today!


  1. Your cowls look amazing!!! :)
    I hope you finish the round on your doily without having to fix more mistakes!! :)

  2. Win-win if you can sell them as well as enjoy making them!! Glad you didn't have to get the scissors out, though retro tatting is time consuming.

  3. I hope that's the last time your sissors have to snip on this round
    Well done on selling two scarfs, they look lovely


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