Friday, January 16, 2015

I'm amazed!

I can't believe how quickly I've been progressing. I think that I'll be able to finish this round between laundry loads tomorrow!

We had a teacher institute day today, so I had some extra time both before and after school. One of the kids asked me to crochet a scarf for her mom's friend, so I started it before school.

I couldn't find the hook I was using before Christmas, but I did find another one still in its original package in my sewing room. As I was crocheting, I thought the scarf seemed much looser than the ones I'd crocheted before Christmas. How could that be?

I did a little more digging around and found another size N crochet hook. It was much smaller than the one I was using, so I held them side by side.

They're not the same size! Then I noticed that the Susan Bates hook is marked N15/10.00 mm. The Boye hook is marked N-9.00 MM. I don't think I've ever heard of an N15 hook before. I think I'll do a little research on that one.

The scarf worked up quickly and it looks nice, but I think I'll make another one with the smaller hook this weekend. I know the scarves won't go to waste, and the lady who wants to purchase one can decide which she prefers.

I also managed to complete day 4 of Jane's TIAS. From this angle, I think it looks like a hummingbird perched on a purple flower. I'm really interested to see what this will be!


  1. Good thing it was a scarf so the gauge wasn't crucial! Goodness, you've nearly finished that round of the doily.

  2. Still love the doily!! :)
    Pretty scarf!! :)

  3. I have that problem with crochet hooks I should finish my crochet works quicker not not leave them for so long. You doily is looking good I kept getting to excited and the mistakes slowed me down. Every thing looks good!

  4. Estás haciendo un trabajo preciosos.Besos.


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