Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thankful for tatting friends

So, it turns out that my mistake wasn't fixed. Carollyn emailed me to let me know that I had made a mistake...

I skipped every other ring, and I was only supposed to skip the ring under the single ring in this round.

Thank goodness my scissors are sharp! Fox warned me that there would be lots of snipping.

Thanks for catching my mistake, Carollyn! Now I'm back on track, but I think I'll call it quits for tonight. My brain is getting tired from all this rethinking!

I took some time off from tatting this afternoon to crochet the "45 Minute Cowl" from Lion Brand Yarns.

Even though I made two of them, I could not make one in 45 minutes. It took me just over an hour for each one. The yarn is "Amazing" from Lion Brand.

With all the tatting and crocheting I did today, my wrist is worn out. So, I think I'll just turn on the t.v. and fall asleep in my chair.


  1. This sounds dreadful. Still starting over again. Luckyly, you were warned intime!

  2. Wow you cut fast and tomorrow is another day, I only saw the mistake cause I made it myself, I am proud of you for posting it, I just couldn't post another mistake again so soon :)
    I do like how you are able to jump from one project to another and all are beautiful!

  3. I have not tatted this pattern so I never saw your mistake, what a bummer, hopefully you are back on track now.
    Two lovely scarfs,

  4. Oh dear, the doily is so big already and snipping just adds! Glad you got the mistake before you went too far. And the scarves went more smoothly!

  5. Wow - that was a great 'catch' by Carollyn! It pays to post your progress on each round! I might have made the same mistake (if I were making the doily), as it seems natural to skip every other ring, and it seemed to be laying properly. Glad it was caught before you went any farther!

    I think it's a good idea to give your wrist a rest!

  6. One of these days I will learn to tat!!!

  7. Good catch by Carollyn! I feel your pain!!! You have to be so vigilant with this pattern. Keep on trucking' my friend!

  8. Oh man!!! I feel so sad for all of you who have had to cut so much off your doilies!!!
    I am glad the mistake was caught before you got to the next round!!
    Love those Cowls!!!! :) Gorgeous colors!!! :)

  9. Been there - wrongly read the pattern. Anyway, I love the choice of the yarn for the cowls but then I'm a lover of colors.


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