Friday, January 9, 2015

False starts

From the looks of things, I sure didn't accomplish much yesterday. I actually tatted for quite a while, but I had two false starts. Round 5 of the Monster Doily consists of pretty little motifs that are added to Round 4. I was almost half done with the first motif, when I realized there was a problem... make that problems!

First, each motif is joined in two places. I had turned the doily around between the first join and the second, resulting in a twisted join. No, it did not look like a design element. It just looked wrong! My second problem was that I joined too many picots. The third problem was that I used the wrong stitch count on the center rings of the motif. If you've tatted a Jan Stawasz pattern before, you know that he provides stitch counts for his method of tatting, traditional tatting, and front side/back side tatting.  So, snip, snip, snip, snip, start again.

As I was happily tatting the first motif for the second time, I stopped to admire my work. I do love looking at the lace I'm creating! Alas, something didn't look quite right. It seemed unbalanced. A quick reference to the pattern showed me that I had joined to the wrong picot on Round 4. I just couldn't live with that. So, snip, snip, snip, snip, start again. Just think, I could have had two motifs to show you on Round 5!

I'll have a chance to catch up today. Yes, we have another snow/cold day. Right now the wind chill is -11°, much warmer than yesterday, but still bone chilling!

I was talking on the phone with my friend Denise yesterday, and she was telling me how much she admired my scarves. Thank you, Denise! She asked me how long it took to weave a scarf, and I really didn't know, because I don't sit down and weave all in one sitting. I thought I'd give it a try. I guess I'm too easily distracted, because I did not sit down and weave a scarf, but for the first time, I did weave my a scarf in one day.

I really like this self-striping yarn. The color is Songbird Stripe. The brand is I Love This Yarn! It's an acrylic, and it's very soft. I still need to wet finish it, but I'm waiting until I have several scarves to run through the gentle cycle on the washer. I have four ready for wet finishing, so I'll probably get around to it this weekend.

I think these scarves will do the job!


  1. Remember when saying how long it takes to weave something to include the warping, threading, etc. And of course you first have to shear the sheep, wash and spin the wool, etc.

  2. Boo hoo on the tatting trials! Your songbird scarf is gorgeous!

  3. I know what you mean about the struggle with the doily I have taken the time to draw out just the next part and include how many picots to make for each ring cause it looks so confusing at times. last time I took white out to the directions on parts I don't do. I could use one of those scarves its cold here! but going to school today cause it will warmed up to 34.

  4. I Just read your mom's comment she is sooo funny :)

  5. LOL! Mom, can you really picture me taking care of sheep?

  6. I was going to ask how long it took to make the scarf, but I just read your mum's comment. It's a really good thing to keep admiring your lace as you go! It'll be like my Masquerade that I made false starts on - fine once you get going and complete a motif correctly.

  7. Distraction is one of my worst tatting enemies!!
    Love your scarves!! :)

  8. I love that color way of the scarf too. Guess I will know myself tatting a doily. Plan to start one this year since I will be collecting a big bag of DMC Mercer thread from a new crafter acquaintance.


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