Monday, November 2, 2015

Tollway Tatters

It's been a long time since the Tollway Tatters have been able to get together. We're all too busy! So, there are two events planned...

On Wednesday, November 11 (Veterans Day), tatters are welcome to join me at my home in Grant Park, IL, about an hour south of Chicago. Carol and I are planning to meet around 10 a.m., but I'm up early, so you're welcome to come earlier if you like. This is a bring-your-own-lunch meeting. We'll tat until you're ready to leave! Email me for directions.

On Saturday, November 21, we will meet at the Hinsdale Oasis on 294. This is our go-to place to meet. There are plenty of food choices, and it's a fairly central location for our group to get together. We're usually there from about 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., but we have been known to stay as late as 4!

If you're a newbie, please feel free to join us. There are plenty of talented ladies in our group willing to share their expertise!


  1. Replies
    1. It would be fun! When I retire, I hope to make it up to meet with you and Cindy again.

  2. Yay! I'll be there with hand dyed thread samples!

  3. Sounds like great fun. Wish I lived closer to you. I hope you have a wonderful time tatting and chatting.

    1. I wish you lived closer, too! I do hope to meet you one day.

  4. Marking my calendar for the 21st and I am planning on being there!!! My hubby says we will make that happen!

  5. I will be in Chicago visiting family that weekend! I think I will be able to join you on the 21st!


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