Saturday, November 14, 2015

Taking a break from tatting

I had to do it. I kept making the same mistake over and over again, so I took a break.

I focused on completing my Mobius scarf.

Since it was in stockinette stitch, I added a crocheted border to help it lie flat. It's super soft!

I also finished my "Askin" scarf from Sequence Knitting. The yarn is Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal, "Stormy." The shading isn't quite as obvious as it was in the other colors, but I still like it.

Yes, I have gotten back to tatting...

I actually have three motifs completed correctly! :-)


  1. Love your Askin scarf - shade & texture !
    Glad you are making steady progress on the JS doily :-)

  2. Never heard of a Mobius scarf but know the principle of the mobius strip, the colours are lovely. Know what you mean about tatting - due for a break too!

  3. Wow the crocheting on the edge and color of the scarf is dreamy love it!

  4. I've always felt that knitters should learn how to crochet, as the two blend so well together, and your Mobius scarf is a great example. Also, you're showing lovely examples of many of the textures from the Sequence book! I didn't realize you were working on this scarf, and I missed the post about dropping your computer! That was scary! And you're overcoming so many obstacles with the doily. I do admire your perseverance plus balancing so many projects at once!


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