Wednesday, November 11, 2015

South of the Tollway Tatters

Tollway Tatters will be meeting on Saturday, November 21. Not everyone will be able to make that meeting, so we had a mini-meeting at my house today.

Denise, Carol, Carrie, and Carrie's daughter all came to visit me today... lucky me! We had a great time looking at tatting, tatting patterns, tatting shuttles, tatting threads, but none of us accomplished much tatting that I'm aware of!

Carrie's daughter had so much fun looking at my threads and shuttles... it was almost like shopping all over again! Carrie and I mostly talked and looked at the goodies everyone had brought. Denise and Carol spent time knitting socks and dishcloths. All in all, we had a great time!

Shortly before everyone arrived, I discovered that I'd done it again... yup, I missed the pattern change at the dip between motifs. I snipped, rejoined, and started tatting only to mess up again! Now worries, I'm back on track. I fixed my mistake near the end of our get-together, and then decided to quit while I'm ahead.

I spent a little time weaving while dinner was cooking. This is I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. I like the color changes, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like when it's off the loom.

I'm also knitting a mobius scarf out of the same yarn in a different color way. It's interesting to see how the yarn works up differently depending on whether it's knit or woven.

The wind is kicking up outside, and storms are expected to roll in tonight. Time to settle down to some tatting!


  1. Last ve the colors in your möbius scarf! And yes, big rain coming!

  2. Your mini meeting sounds great fun. Ooh yes I want to see how the yarns look woven and knitted.

  3. Your mini meeting sounds like fun, I would live to join you, perhaps one day if I win the lottery, we have the worse storm of the winter tonight and tomorrow, I am glad I am not in Scotland, with their first snow, thunder lightening and gale force winds, heavy rain in the north of England tomorrow we get more rain.
    I hope your weather does not cause you any problems.

  4. Everything is looking beautiful!!! :)
    I can't wait to join you all this time at Tollway Tatters again!! :)

  5. so much fun - time passes too quickly when we gather!!!!

  6. I love that you can go from one project to the next one...tatting to weaving to knitting.
    You go girl!


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