Sunday, November 29, 2015

Where did the week go?

It certainly was a busy one! Thanksgiving was at my house, so I spent most of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday shopping, cleaning and cooking. I'm not really in to cooking, but I sure did have a lot of fun this year, and everyone left full, happy, and toting leftovers.

I did manage to have some time to myself...

I'm now half way around round 17! Yay! Can I finish it in the next four weeks? I'll sure try!

Yvette, my nephew's wife, asked me to make mother/daughter hats in purple and gray for her and Abigail. I had to adapt the child's pattern for Yvette, not my forte, but I did manage to make it work.

I had some requests for cowls. This was what I was inspired to make this week. This is supposed to be a 45 minute cowl (pattern from Lion Brand), but not for me... each one takes me an hour and a half!

Alison and the kids came down for a visit yesterday. Eva decorated my living room tree with some help from her mom.

Aidan and Grandpa decorated the sun room tree.

When he thought I wasn't looking, Dave decorated the staircase. I'm not overly fond of garland on the staircase, but Dave loves it. As long as it comes down before Easter, I tolerate it. ;-)


  1. Your house looks really Christmassy, lovely trees and staircase, my tree won't be up until nearly Christmas.
    The mat is looking lovely, love the hats and scarves

  2. Sounds as though you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, good, and are now looking forward to Christmas. I did smile about Dave having to sneak the lights onto the stairs!

  3. the doily is coming along well, your crocheting is beautiful and wow I am jealous your house is clean and decorated too! Well done :)

  4. Your doily is looking so awesome!!! :)
    Great hats and cowls!! :)
    Wow!!!! Your home looks so beautifully festive!!! :)

  5. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  6. Your HUGE tatted doily is almost finished! It's beautiful!
    You adapt quite well in the land of crochet.
    The decorations are beautiful....


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