Sunday, November 15, 2015

Avoiding mistakes

Since I repeatedly made the same mistake at the last "dip," I decided it would be helpful to mark the dips with thread. Hopefully, I will notice the thread at the appropriate time so that I don't make any more pattern mistakes! There's still a chance that I will complete round 17 of my Jan Stawasz Masterpiece by Thanksgiving. All I need to do is avoid housework! ;-)

I started another scarf from Sequence Knitting. This one is Murley. I'm using I Love This Yarn, Seablue Tweed, from Hobby Lobby. Have I mentioned that I'm really having fun making scarves? 


  1. Good idea :-)
    Love the scarves you are knitting ! This book really is a treasure !!!

  2. The one thing about housework, it will be waiting on you, cause know one will do it for you! every thing looking good!

  3. Easy to avoid housework. Just close your eyes as you walk by it. A skill I've had for many years!

  4. Just forget the housework, I am sure the housework fairy will come along and do it for you.
    The scarf is looking lovely, nice colour
    Good idea to mark the dips hope it works

  5. Great idea to help you remember!! :)
    As for the housework......I hope you will get done what you need to! I have tons before the holiday to get done and I am a fantastic procrastinator so I might not achieve my goals or desires.
    Another great scarf in progress!! I love the subtle diamond shapes!! :)

  6. I think I've finally realized that you are making it a goal to knit all 13 patterns! And your photos using color yarns show off the patterns so well!

    Good idea to mark the dips!

    Good luck on the housework. I have yet to discipline myself to keep to a schedule, which would make it a lot easier!


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