Monday, November 16, 2015

Keeping a steady pace

I'm trying to keep a steady pace with all of my projects, mainly so my fingers, hands, wrists and arms don't scream in protest!

Round 17 of my Jan Stawasz Masterpiece is so enjoyable to tat! The pattern repeat is easy to remember, and I can sit down and tat for a few minutes and still have a great feeling of accomplishment!

My Murley scarf from Sequence Knitting is growing fairly quickly. I take my knitting to school with me, and once I have everything set up for the day, I sit and knit until my day begins at 7:55. That's usually about 15-20 minutes of knitting... not bad!

I finished weaving this scarf today. It's an incredible 112" long! I think this will have to go to someone very tall. It's 7.5" wide and super soft. The yarn is from Hobby Lobby. If I weave with this yarn again, I think I'll use some of the techniques I've read about in my Saori book to give more visual interest. I really think this is kind of boring, but I'm sure someone will love it!


  1. I'm sure the techniques for weaving will be fun/nice, but I think that scarf is lovely as is!
    And the JS is looking outstanding! I only tat at meetings but it's some time which I don't have ordinarily...

  2. Wow! You sure have been busy!!! Everything looks wonderful!! :)

  3. It's not boring at all! A long scarf can always be wound around a few times.

  4. Your JS mat is looking beautiful,
    Great scarfs,
    Thank you for your comments on my blog, amy time you want baby wear I will knit for you.


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