Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I'm in cleaning and reorganizing mode, not a usual state of mind for me. I've been working on our bedroom yesterday and today. It seems I'm not content to clean, I feel the need to reorganize everything, so it takes much longer than it needs to. I guess that really doesn't matter, does it?

 I have been pacing myself, allowing time for tatting of course! I finished the pendant I started yesterday in Karey Solomon's Distant Mountains.

Then, I decided to tat my Minty Fudge pattern in Karey's thread. It sure is pretty!

I received another anniversary shuttle from Emiko Suenaga today. Receiving a new shuttle always makes my day!


  1. Gorgeous Ice Drops!!! :)
    Great shuttle!! :)

  2. Gorgeous thread. I love the graduated changes in colour in Karey's threads. I swore I didn't need anymore until I saw them at the Fringe!!!! When WILL I listen to myself!!

  3. Wow,I love this ice drop, gorgeous!

  4. Very beautiful work supreem color🌹❤🌹


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