Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fox asked

Fox remembered that I had tried a blogging app on my iPad a while back. I had forgotten! With a little bit of looking, I found that the app I had used was called Blogo. I tried this morning, and Blogo seems to work no longer... sigh! The Blogger app doesn’t work either, as I found out from reading Jane Eborall’s post from Fringe.

After about a half hour, I had the brilliant idea to access my blog through Safari. Duh! Simple solution! It’s just like blogging from my computer! However, I can’t add pictures. On to the next step... when in doubt, ask! Now I’m working through Chrome. There are three little vertical dots in the upper right hand corner. I tapped in that, then on Request Desktop Site, and I now have full functionality, just like I have on my computer! There is a little bit of lag time, but nothing I can't deal with.

I haven’t allowed much time for tatting the past few days. Instead, I’ve been helping daughter Carol (aka Madam Director) with last minute preparations for the middle school production of James and the Giant Peach. I’m pretty good at last minute shopping and costume alterations, if I do say so myself. Las t night was opening night, and it was wonderful! Dave and I will be heading off to help set up for dinner theater as soon as Carol calls..

I made a little progress on my sister-in-law’s runner, and I’ve made very few mistakes!

This morning I started another Ice Drop. I feel like I need to play catch-up!


  1. Ah, I tried though Safari too, Diane but to no avail!!! My blogger app worked until I updated to IOS11. There's an app called BlogTouch Free which I've got now but haven't really tested it.

  2. A little progress is better than no progress!! :) Seems I remember hearing that from you before! ;)
    Your Ice Drop stock must be getting full! :)

  3. I was trying to blog on the iPad as well - but the Blogger app wouldn’t work. Now I’m using Chrome and it works just fine. I have my photos auto uploading to Google Photos from my phone - and it works like a charm! No extra apps necessary.

  4. Glad you've worked out posting from your iPad. I added a Bluetooth keyboard to my 10" Android tablet. I do use Chrome to post on my private Blogger blogs), and it all works very well.

    As usual, you're busy in your retirement and accomplishing so many things. Your runner is looking great - that's an excellent pattern. And it must really be fun to be behind the scenes at those musicals directed by your very talented daughter. What an exciting time for the kids, too.

  5. Love the runner, I could look at it all day!


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