Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Trying something new

I've been collecting Renulek's Christmas patterns, and I finally decided to start one. This is the first round of Bubble 3D-1. This is my first venture into tatting around a Christmas ball!

I managed to tat one Ice Drop today. The cold weather is heading in, and I'm really feeling it in my fingers. So, I'm taking the tatting very slowly!


  1. I am sure your Christmas ornament will be beautiful!! :)
    Great Ice Drop!! :)

  2. Perhaps you could start another wave of addiction?

  3. I hope to carve out some time to decorate at least one ornament this year.

  4. I love to look at the tatted christmas ball ornament and never tried one yet :) so I'll keep watching to see how this goes :)also love the light green too!


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