Monday, October 30, 2017

The drama's over

Well, the middle school drama club production of James and the Giant Peach is over. There will be more drama when the high school drama club begins their preparations for their spring production. I do love being on the fringes of the drama club!

Now the cleanup begins. Coffee makers have been cleaned and returned to the cafeteria. Serving utensils have been cleaned and returned to the caterer. Coffee cups have all been washed and will be put away by the end of the day. I still have coffee thermoses and flatware to clean and tablecloths to wash. It's going to be a busy day!

I'm ready to get back into Ice Drop tatting! It only took me three days to finish this one... drama club did take over my weekend! This is my Pink Fudge Ice Drop pattern. I made a mistake in the count on my chains in the first round, so I needed to use my steam iron to tame my tatting. I plan on paying closer attention to my patterns from now on!


  1. Drama as in school plays is a good thing and you always make such a wonderful helper/volunteer. This Teal Ice Drop is drop dead gorgeous!!! <3

  2. I hope the play was a success, it looks so from the photo. Love that ice drop, I must pay more attention to your variations.

  3. You must enjoy the drama of the whole drama scene, hope the okay was successful and you are not too tried after all the work.
    Beautiful ice drop and gorgeous colour

  4. Mistake or not, that ice drop is beautiful!

  5. Absolutely fabulous blue !!! This must've been the longest an ice drop took to tat, huh ?!

  6. Oh I love this one the little petals are so cute!


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