Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Losing track of time

I haven't been really busy the last few days, and sometimes not being busy means that I lose track of time. That will change starting tomorrow... daughter Carol's drama club is performing James and the Giant Peach this weekend, and I am her go to person for last minute everything... a task I thoroughly enjoy!

I'm in the mood to tat with white!

I figure any glass gem color goes with white, and it's easy to choose a ribbon color that works well.

I do love working with the colored threads, but I'm pretty sure there will be people looking for Ice Drops that look like winter. Nothing says winter like white!

I finished my Easiest Ice Blossom (Karey Solomon's pattern), from our Tollway Tatters gathering this past Saturday. I don't normally like tatting with size 10 thread, but it's what Karey's pattern calls for, and it works perfectly for this design!

I played around with thread today. This pattern needs tweaking, but I think it could be the start of something good!


  1. Yes, white ice drops are wintry and versatile. I like the bottom pattern, looking good! Good luck for the play, I hope it all goes smoothly with no last minute hitches.


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