Thursday, October 12, 2017

More turquoise...

I decided to stick with Ocean Turquoise Dk today. The frosted glass gem is slightly larger than the ones I usually use, so I increased my stitch count on the top rings to 7-7-7. I also increased the chain count to 9. It worked out perfectly!

I didn't work for a long time on my Curds and Whey piece, but it is getting longer. I'm starting to develop a rhythm with this pattern. It seems that once I really get a pattern, I can come back to it months later and remember what worked for me. I think this is going to work perfectly for...

Ha ha ha! I'll reveal what it's for later! 😊


  1. Imagine us shining a bright light in your eyes- "Tell!"

  2. You’re definitely got a touch of the blues today!

  3. I still need to finish the blouse that my curds and whey is to go on. I look forward to seeing what you do with yours!

  4. Love the curds and whey pattern. I wonder - have you kept track of the number of ice drops you've made? I'm sure it's hundreds and all so pretty.


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