Sunday, October 8, 2017


I was watching baseball last night, and I forgot to blog! What can I say? I guess I was distracted. 😁

I received two beautiful shuttles in the mail today. These celebrate Emiko Suenaga's one year anniversary of decorating and selling shuttles. Aren't they pretty?

I spent yesterday morning helping daughter Carol with costume selection for the middle school production of James and the Giant Peach. Most of the kids came in to school to show what they had from home, and then they looked for other items they needed from the Drama Club costume stash. It was a lot of fun watching them go through costumes!

I honestly don't know what happened to the rest of the day. Could running to the grocery store, putting together a meat pie, and talking to Mom really have taken the whole afternoon? I guess time really does fly when you're having fun!

Anyway, the baseball game started about 4:30, and I managed to tat one Ice Drop during the game. The Cubs lost, but it was still a good game.

I love the soft colors of this Ice Drop in size 20 Lizbeth Blue Ice. I think I might just have to keep it for myself!


  1. Lovely pink shuttles!Pink is a change for you, isn't it? - it's one of my favourite colours. I followed the link you gave to the Etsy shop and have been blown away by those sailing ship shuttles.

  2. I love your new shuttles, they are gorgeous,
    Another beautiful ice drop

  3. The pale blue is very icy - lovely! Those are the prettiest shuttles, very special.

  4. Very beautiful shuttles!!! :)
    Gorgeous Ice Drop!!!!! :)


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