Monday, December 17, 2012

I forgot! post my Sunday snowflake! I took the pictures, saved them to my computer, turned on Brigadoon, wrapped Christmas presents, made dinner, watched t.v., and then went to bed. Yup... I forgot to post my Sunday snowflake!

Oh, did you want to see it? Well, sure...

Sue Anna gave me some size 10 Lizbeth on Saturday, and I started tatting another Triangular Doodad Snow Crystal right away. I was ready to start the second inner ring, when I realized my first ring had a count of 4 - 4 + 4 - 4 instead of 7 - 5 + 5 - 7 as I had used in the lavender.

My first thought was to cut off the thread and start over, but I wanted to see if the stitch count would work. It doesn't, at least not to my satisfaction. I really had to stretch those center rings to make the crystal lie flat. I don't think the 9 ds work for the smaller chain either. There's not the same size definition that I achieved with the original pattern, and I really liked that.

So, even though the changes don't quite suit my taste, I do have two more lovely ornaments!


  1. Scissors poised!! Been there many times, the thing is only you usually notice the stretching.
    What I loved to see was the Christmas lights reflected in the apple symbol on your laptop!

  2. It hurts to cut. But I like your purple one, too. Merry Christmas!

  3. I like both and I know you said you did not like the lavender one as much, but small rings still make a nice shape. I must try your little pattern


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