Saturday, December 8, 2012

'tis the season to be jolly!

...and boy, do I feel jolly! Look what arrived in the mail yesterday...

two new Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles, and one of Jane's wonderful button brooches... in blue! I can hardly wait for school Monday, when I will wear my new brooch. Thank you, Jane!

I finished my snowflake for the day, Kira's Star by Birgit Phelps, beaded this time. I decided that I needed to use one of my Christmas Origami pouches with matching shuttles for this project. There's nothing like combining tatting and suitably decorated holiday tools!

Doesn't it look pretty on the tree? It won't be staying there long. This one is a gift. I may have to make another beaded one for me. Blue maybe?

Speaking of blue, Fox the Enabler forced me to go thread shopping today. She just had to post about a pretty new blue thread she found. I admit, I am drawn to shiny, glittery objects, especially blue ones. After seeing Fox's new thread, I just had to have some beautiful new playthings. I'm not sure how these threads will work, but I'm willing to give them a try. Wouldn't they make pretty snowflakes?


  1. Love the beaded version of your snowflake! And boy oh boy will those new threads make beauuuutiful snowflakes!!

  2. A post full of goodies! I can tell you that the woods from the pop-a-bobbin shuttles have both come from the UK. The Eucalyptus from Scotland and the Sequoia from a tree near one of our churches.
    Just love the colour of those threads and look forward to seeing your snowflakes.

  3. Lovely snowflake looks lovely on your tree,
    Trust Fox to put you in the mood to buy new threads, those blues ones will make some great snowflakes

  4. heheeheh teeheeeee whhhaaaaaa! : ))

    The Enabler

  5. Lovely tatting - the snowflakes with or without beads are quite lovely.

    Oh, and Jane's gift! Beautiful! And blue, she knows you so well.

    Oh yeah, Fox made you buy thread? Blame it on the holiday elves ; )

    Beautiful shuttles!!! I think I have a couple pop/a/bobbin shuttles, too. I don't think I've ever tried them.

    I was going thru my stash over the past week and am trying to get organized.

    Enjoy the day


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