Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lily's Choice

When everyone was here at Thanksgiving, granddaughter Lily chose this thread for snowflakes... DMC Light Effects Classical Blends, Midnight Madness #E133. It is a gorgeous thread, but a real pain in the finger tips for tatting! I used three strands, which made it a little too big for my doodad centers. Maybe next time I'll try tatting with two strands. Thread Heaven did help a little bit, but not enough to make this a thread I really enjoy using.

Again, the pattern is the first round of Kira's Star by Birgit Phelps.

So far, I'm keeping up with Allison on the snowflake-a-day for December... but, what's that I see? A plain shuttle? Blasphemy! I think I may need to break out the Mod Podge and glitter over Christmas break. I think that if I'm going to work with glittery thread, I must have glittery shuttles!


  1. Bet that star is awesome in the light!!! :)

  2. I have some fun things for you to bling shuttles with - I'll send them to you!

  3. that is a very subtle sparkly snowflake. Pretty.

  4. A gorgeous tatted snowflake! Well worth the sore fingers I hope.


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