Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tollway Tatters 2013

Yup! You read it correctly! The Tollway Tatters are starting 2013 off the right way... with a tatting get-together! We'll be meeting on Wednesday, January 2. If you'd like to join us and need details, just drop me an email and I'll give you the specifics.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that five years ago I slipped on a 2" patch of ice and broke my left wrist in 11 places. Knitting and tatting played a big part in my recovery. I am so glad that I've regained most of the mobility in my wrist. My only problem is that when the weather gets really cold, I cannot keep my left hand warm

Denise to the rescue! As part of my Christmas present, Denise knit me a pair of tatting gloves... fingerless mitts that will keep my wrist warm and allow me to tat. This is easily the best Christmas present ever!

Denise wanted to make sure I exercised my wrist regularly, so she also gave me a beautiful Bocote shuttle from The Shuttle Brothers! I do love wood shuttles, and this one is a beauty! Yes, there was thread, and coffee, and wine. I can tat day and night with the appropriate beverage! ;-)

Thank you, Denise!

I finished tatting Doodad Snowflake #2 in Snow White on Christmas morning. However, with all the excitement of having grandchildren here and preparing for our trip to Minnesota, I did not finish it and hang it on the tree until this morning.

Yes, I'm still in snowflake mode, and I think I may be throughout the month of January!

Our trip to Minnesota was wonderful! We had a surprise baby shower for daughter Joanne, who is expecting a girl at the end of March. Daughter Alison and family joined in the fun via Skype. Isn't technology wonderful?

Son-in-law Jake was on a hunting trip for two days after Christmas, so we didn't open presents until Friday. It was so much fun extending the holiday through the end of the week! No pictures though... I forgot to take my camera along, and I never thought of using my phone. The phone may be smart, but apparently I'm not! ;-)

On Thursday, daughters Andrea and Carol drove me to meet Michelle and her daughter for lunch... quite a treat for me since neither Andrea nor Carol tats!

Michelle and Theresa had put together a wonderful Christmas package for me!

Do you think this is a hint that I should start tatting snowmen? ;-)

Look at all the goodies! Two hankies from Aunt Rose's collection, beautiful blue thread and beads, doodads, and a ring and bobby pins to decorate. Do you see the key on the left? That's a beautiful brooch made by Theresa!

Michelle also brought along a book for me to read, review, and pass on. So far, I'm really enjoying it. I read 68 pages on the way home, which is saying a lot... I don't do well with reading in the car! More about the book when I finish reading it!

After lunch, Michelle and Theresa whisked me away to...

a bead shop! You'd never have known it was a bead shop from the storefront or the name, but inside we found treasures galore! I could have purchased so much more, but I remembered the stash at home and exhibited extreme self-control. I asked the clerk about silver-lined beads and tarnish, and she told me they can tarnish over time, but she didn't think it was something to worry about. She showed me some silver lined bugle beads that were very old, and they just looked more mellow, so I bought some seed beads that were calling my name.

I think I have some more doodad tatting in my future! Thank you Michelle and Theresa for a wonderful tatting get-together! I hope that next time I'm up we can arrange a time when Cindy can join us!


  1. Wow Diane you have had a great visit and lots of tatting goodies.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog I am also pleased to have meet you too.
    I look forward to seeing what you do with your goodies

  2. Sorry I meant to add that I broke a bone in my wrist and I know what you mean about getting the hand cold, I need both tunnels to be done and with all this wet weather my hands have been very painful this winter, I also have pollymelger so getting my left arm starts that up too.
    Glad you were able to continue tatting after you broke your wrist

  3. We had a marvelous time too! Theresa still talks about it! The best part was kidnapping you though. And thanks for saving my bacon! Oh, and lunch!

  4. I'm still jealous, jealous, jealous that I couldn't join you! I'm so glad you got have a little tatting meet-up in Minnesota while you were visiting.

    I hope your wonderful gift from Denise keeps your wrist in shape. The beautiful shuttle should help :)

    Did I mention I'm jealous that I missed out on that Christmas meet-up?

  5. An amazing post! You're sure a busy gal! Lots of goodies there!
    It's so great that doodads are more easily available these days - and that we now know where to find them!

    You must be so excited with a new grandchild on the way - and soon, too!

    I have never forgotten your fall on the ice and your VERY broken wrist, resulting in surgery! I miraculously avoided surgery with my own wrist breaks when ice skating (already 11 years ago this Feb.!). I have only occasional minor bouts of arthritis. You certainly have overcome the trauma, and you tat way more than I do!! This was a thoughtful gift to keep your wrist warm!


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