Saturday, September 17, 2016

Back to life

It's hard to believe that last week I was in Georgia having a wonderful time, and now I'm back in Illinois trying to organize all of my craft stuff without getting distracted. That's proving difficult!

I finished this Spinning Wheel while at Palmetto Tat Days. It's in size 80 Lizbeth #679, Lime Green. I do love working with size 80!

Of course I couldn't leave without starting another Spinning Wheel. This one is in size 20 Lizbeth #710, Bright Blue Light. This seems so big after working with the size 80!

As for the distractions... well, the first distraction is my collection of scrap material. I'm teaching my little girls to make pin cushions, and I got carried away cutting out 3 1/2" squares. So, now I'm making pin cushions! These are filled with crushed walnut shells and lavender, good for sharpening pins and needles and they smell nice.

I had ordered pin cushion fill from Amazon, and that was an expensive way to go. It cost $11 to fill three pin cushions (12 oz.), which I think is ridiculous. So, I did some research and found that I could get 25 quarts of crushed walnut shells at Petsmart for $30... much more economical!

Now I have three pin cushions finished with 15 more to go. What will I do with them all? I have no idea!


  1. Really appreciate all the posts about Tat Days and all the great photos! In addition you also learned so many new techniques! I don't think I'd be able to tat at all because I would be in a dream-like state and not believe I was actually there!

    Your pincushions are so cute - and neatly done! Love the buttons. (Very interesting about the crushed walnut shells.) It's a good idea to have a lot of inventory in case you want to 'set up shop' so to speak!

  2. Spinning Wheels while at Tatting Retrreat?!! You are dedicated dear. Lovely pincushions. Those crushed walnut shells do get heavy...not meant for mailing. LOL.

  3. Did you know that you can use worn out panty hose? Instead of pitching them every time you get a run, save them and use them for stuffing. Just cut the elastic off, and make something useful out of something you'd normally throw out, so it doesn't cost you anything.

  4. Love the pincushions and the spinning wheels!

  5. I love your pin cushions! Well spotted that shells are cheaper in the pet shop than the filling shop. Those are pretty spinning wheels too. I bet size 20 felt like rope after working with 80.

  6. Great spinning wheel glass mats!!!! :)
    Fabulous looking pin cushions!!!! :)


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