Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Starting another Spinning Wheel

I spent some time sewing today, and I ran errands. I really wonder how I accomplished anything when I was working full time!

Of course I took time to sit down and start another Spinning Wheel glass mat. I'm using size 80 Lizbeth #711, Bright Blue Dk. I thought it only appropriate that I use a blue shuttle!


  1. Pretty blue!! :)
    I absolutely love that shuttle!!!!! :)

  2. Yes this shuttle is beautiful and I do the same thing when I want to feel special while tatting I find just the right shuttle!

  3. That's a serious shuttle! Does it hold enough for a whole spinning wheel?

    1. Yes, Jane. It does hold enough thread for a whole spinning wheel!

  4. Oh be still my BLUE beating heart. Gorgeous dear. You are now truly retired with your comment of "working full time".


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