Friday, September 30, 2016

This week's focus...


I had one mermaid tail afghan left to finish, and with the cooler weather I was determined to finish it this week!

I delivered it today. The recipient's birthday is in a few weeks, and her grandma is very excited to give it to her. I am excited that I finally finished it, even though it meant spending much less time on the computer and putting my tatting shuttles to rest for the week.

Once again, I am resolving not to do custom work! Once I take an order for something, I lose all interest in it. Instead, I will make what interests me. If someone want to purchase it, and I'm willing to part with it, I will strike a deal.

As for craft shows, I'm skipping the one next week. I've decided I'm just not interesting in sitting outside and having people critique my work. I think I'll just stock my gift closet and be prepared for gift giving!


  1. Awesome afghan!!! :)
    Wonderful colors!!! :)

  2. I totally agree with you, that is exactly how I feel! The blanket is very beautiful though:)

  3. You're making good decisions! I feel exactly the same way about taking orders! And I agree that outdoor events can be very uncomfortable, so you made a wise choice there, too!

    Ironically, you may get more orders for the fishtail afghan! Beautifully done in wonderful colors!

  4. I find I don't really enjoy doing custom orders either. I've considered selling my work at craft fairs, but I'm not sure I have the heart for it.

  5. I completely agree with your sentiments on custom orders and on doing craft shows. Your handiwork is beautiful.

  6. I like your decisions. I couldn't do a craft sale as the tatting would seem too much like work. I bet it feels good to have that afghan delivered.

  7. I do regular craft shows. Once every twenty years and only if I'm bullied into it!! That's more than enough for me! Custom orders? Wouldn't mind those but making to sell online isn't my idea of fun either.

  8. There are craft fairs and craft fairs and the one you went to doesn't sound a very good one! What I like about custom orders is that you get input and ideas from someone else. But then you have deadlines and can finish up making something you really don't want to make. Nice to have the choice!

  9. Sounds like a good plan, Diane!

  10. Your decision sounds good to me. I feel the same way about custom orders!

  11. I thought I'd come back and mention another kind of 'fair' where one can demonstrate tatting at historic venues. This is what I truly enjoy - showing the variety of things that can be made from tatting today (especially jewelry) and explaining that it is no longer a lost art.
    No pressure to sell anything!

    I show them the basic knot, and get to hear nice feedback about my displays. I'm lucky that the other two gals enjoy selling, so if visitors wish, they can buy lovely tatted things for sale. But I also have done 'solo' demo events, and it was at one of those that I met Elizabeth Zipay!

    I especially enjoy dressing in costume (from he Edwardian era) although I remind visitors that although we are honoring the history of the site and the crafts that were done then. tatting itself has been 'updated', and is not relegated only to the past. I bring my tablet and show them how to look up tatting on the internet.

    So I really have a good time and also enjoy visiting the other crafters and being part of festivities going on!


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