Sunday, September 4, 2016

Copper love

I love copper, so when this lovely little shuttle was listed by Grizzly Mountain Arts, I snapped it up. I was forcing myself to finish my last Spinning Wheel before loading this shuttle with thread. It's a good thing. I love the weight and feel of this shuttle, and I might not have finished that blue Spinning Wheel if I had started this one! ;-)

I'm still enjoying the size 80 thread. This is Lizbeth #679, Lime Green. It's a gorgeous color!


  1. Fantastic that there are so many wonderful colours available in size 80! Wow, I really like that shuttle!! There used to be a lot of copper ornaments in this part of the world, a magnificent metal.

  2. Das ist ein wunderschönes Schiffchen! Es ist mit einem tollen Garn bewickelt. Die Farbe gefällt mir sehr gut.

  3. What are your thoughts on Lizbeth size 80 thread? I find that it gets all twisty when closing larger rings. Is there a trick to working with this thread?

    By the way, I just love how you are whipping out project after project so quickly. I just wouldn't have the patience to do so :P

  4. Beautiful shuttle!! :)
    That is going to be a stunning small glass mat!! :)

  5. Love the shuttle !!!!
    The green appears almost fluorescent in pic.
    Hmm, interesting choice .... oxidised copper is greenish :-)

  6. I LOVE your newest copper shuttle. The green thread is gorgeous.


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