Thursday, September 22, 2016

No tatting today

No, there was no time for tatting, but there was time for sewing!

I found a tutorial for fabric boxes and decided I needed a couple, one for notions by my sewing machine, and one to keep on my ironing board. Naturally, I needed coordinating pin cushions!

I read that the boxes could be completed in a half hour, and the pin cushion tutorial is five minutes. I must be truly slow, because I started these yesterday, and I didn't finish them until this afternoon. I don't think I'll be whipping the boxes for craft sales!

I've had comments from friends who are interested in how my sewing students are doing. They're doing great! Bella comes to my house after school every day, so she has had plenty of opportunity to work on her sewing skills. The large polka dot pillow was Bella's project for today. She did a wonderful job and has decided she wants to make pillows for her family!

The little pillow is Bella's own design. She was playing with scraps I had on hand and decided to make a doll pillow.

Bella has now made three pin cushions and two thread catchers. I think she's having fun!


  1. I like the fabric boxes and pin cushions! Great going for you and Bella!

  2. Love how Bella is chalking her own path !!!
    Can you be my teacher, too ? Pretty please?

  3. Lots of fabulous sewing projects!!! :)

  4. Well done Bella! I like the fabric boxes, thanks for the link. Hmm, some people must work very fast, sewing projects always take me much longer than the 'predicted' time frame.

  5. What a gift you are giving these kids! Please tell Bella I like her pin cushion with the butterfly button!

  6. What fun! Those boxes are great for wee thread ends. I have one by my chair, and one in the art room. Nice to colour coordinate with the pincushions.

  7. Do you see it! I'm so excited to mke some little boxes for tatting. They will work perfect, next to my couch! Thanks :)

  8. Diane Dear you are having the most wonderful influence on Bella as she sews and creates her pillows for gifts. Love fabric boxes, pincushions and thread catchers. Sew On...

  9. I love the little fabric boxes - I've made those too. I like the quick projects :) Keep passing on that sewing knowledge!

  10. I love that you're creating interest with these children. Sewing first, tatting next, who knows where they'll end up. Surely you've planted the seeds of curiosity. When the kids have success and head toward mastery, the sky's the limit! I love that she designed her own pillows after success with the first one. Do they bring their own fabric?

    1. The girls have brought some of their own fabric, but much of what they experiment with is from my scrap basket. I love seeing my scraps come to life!


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