Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Palmetto Tat Days 2 ~ Friends Part 2

I found some more pictures of tatting friends I met this weekend! Again, if I mislabel anyone or have left one blank, please let me know. I'll get over the embarrassment!

Sue Hanson

Karey Solomon

Bruce and Nancy Tracy

Sherry Townsend

Debbie Arnold
I wish I had remembered to take more pictures of people. There were so many, and I got so caught up in all that was going on that I didn't always remember to take my camera with me. Even if I had my camera with me, I didn't always remember to get it out to take pictures. I think I need to get a phone with more memory so that I can just pull it out, just like the big kids do! ;-)


  1. I am thrilled with all these photos and amazed (but not totally surprised) that you had the energy to post so soon!

    What a gallery of tatting stars! After 8 years of blogging I recognize most of the names and sometimes the faces in all your photos! Didn't realize you were rooming with Wanda! Such fun! And the photo with Jane is fabulous!

    Thanks for all these photos, and I'll be looking forward to more stories, which I know you'll share with us!

    So glad you all arrived home safely. That was a long trip!

  2. At least you remembered to use your camera. Mine never made it out of the suitcase. I'm enjoying seeing your pictures.

  3. I had the best time meeting you!!!!!!

  4. So fun to see who these people are! Thank you!

  5. Such a great gallery of stars !
    And am loving the colourful, some unique lanyards ... that's how I spotted Wanda ;-D

    1. I may be horribly mistaken, not having met anyone, but isn't that Ruth Perry (instead of Sherry ?)

    2. Nope, that's Sherry Townsend. Ruth Perry's picture is on the previous post. Both are very friendly, warm, lovely women. I hope to spend time with each of them again!

  6. How fun to be immersed in tatting and amongst your "peeps". Everyone looks very happy.


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