Saturday, March 11, 2017

A day off from blogging

Yesterday was a busy day! I subbed for the third time this week, which was great fun. I subbed for special ed, band, art, and chorus... all groups of kids I enjoy seeing.

Last night was opening night for the high school performance of Big Fish. I didn't have much to contribute to this play, just measuring for costumes and setting up for the dinner theater.

Despite all the hectic last-minute activity, daughter Carol maintained her normal good humor, including posing for a "candid" picture!

I did finish another Ice Drop yesterday. After working with color for so long, this one really does look icy to me!

I was in the mood to tat something big, so I've joined Renulek's tat-along. I had a false start with round one, because I tried to follow the diagram without also looking at the directions. If I had just followed the written instructions, I wouldn't have had any retro-tatting. Luckily, it didn't take me long to realize that it's much easier if I take time to read!

I finished round 2 this morning. I have a little catching up to do, as round 4 was posted this week!

We'll be heading off in a few minutes to set up for the dinner theater. I hope I manage to find some time for tatting this afternoon!


  1. Glad you're joining the Renulek! Good luck to the play organisers and participants, I hope it goes really well.

  2. Something new is fun. Looking forward to seeing the finish..

  3. Something new is fun. Looking forward to seeing the finish..

  4. Your Ice Drop and doily start look fabulous!!! :)
    But I am surprised to read that a librarian didn't take time to read(just picking on you a bit)! :)

  5. I have no idea why I have missed your last several posts but in review I am in awe. Love your new "coins" especially those gorgeous peacock coins. You really got a lot of Ice Drops from one ball of thread. Subbing and Play organizing does keep you very busy. I don't know how you find any time to Tat at all. <3

  6. Just put ditto marks under Createology's comment. I also cannot keep up with your schedule! And your daughter is amazing, too! I've always admired her dedication to music and young people.

    The photo of the ice drops is fabulous! You're research has turned a ball of thread into this colorful display of pretty objects that can be used in so many ways! And the Renulek project will give you yet another 'goal' to achieve!

  7. Love your ice drop and the mat is looking goid
    You had a busy day, hope you get a rest today


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