Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sharing Ice Drop love!

Yesterday was our monthly retiree lunch, which is held at a different restaurant each month. I haven't attended since September. Somehow, other activities have gotten in the way! We were a small group of seven this month, and I knew that three of the ladies attending are fans of my Ice Drops, so I took some along to share. Why not?

Daughter Joanne chose her favorite Ice Drops when she was down visiting a couple of weeks ago. She found this adorable display stand on Amazon. It looks great, but it only holds 18 Ice Drops and she took 25 home. Now she's trying to decide if she should buy another tree and request more Ice Drops. I guess I'd better get tatting. My supply is getting pretty low!

I only managed to tat one Ice Drop yesterday, and I haven't tatted any today. I've beet too buys running errands, lunching with friends, and shopping for my sewing students.

I did manage to tat one more motif for my sister-in-law's runner. At the rate I've slowed down, she might not get this before Christmas! 


  1. Very pretty Ice Drop display stand!!! :)
    Your mat is coming along wonderfully!! :)

  2. I'm not surprised there are plenty of takers for your icedrops.

  3. There's no joy like the joy of sharing and giving :-)

  4. Love the display tree. Presently mine at are on the Felted Fir Tree that I made. It is fun to give them away and share! Love how the mat is coming along.

  5. Lovely display stand, works well for your ice drop.
    I expect your wondering how you managed to do so much when you were working,
    I am sure you will finish the runner by Christmas for her, it's only nine months away, a lot can happen in nine months.
    It's looking lovely so far by the way.

  6. I need one of those display stands! Mom has taken several ice drops and has them pinned to lamp shades and curtains all over the house 😊

  7. Gosh these are cute! I wish I could make them. Hugs, LJ


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