Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New beads!

I went to Etsy over the weekend, looking for 20 mm coins. I really meant coins, but my search results were mainly cabochons and beads.

I did order a few, and this was one of the first to arrive. It works great for an Ice Drop, and it's very light.

The listing was for 20 clear antique acrylic beads. When I checked a few minutes ago, there was only one package left. I wonder who will order it?

Of course, I also had to tat some colorful Ice Drops... and yes, I do still have some Rainbow Taffy left on the ball!


  1. Wow!!! It's amazing how many different variations and "stones" there are!! :) Fabulous!!! :)

  2. It's really difficult keeping up with you! So many ideas and variations! The pin backings work out well.

  3. I like where you are going I saw some very beautiful buttons and you would not have to tat through the holes you know😄


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