Monday, March 27, 2017

For Mary Lou

Mary Lou and I have been friends for 30+ years. Yes, I've lost count! Mary Lou is very creative, but she doesn't tat. However, she does encourage me in my knotty adventure!

This weekend, Mary Lou suggested a color combo for an Ice Drop.

She really liked my Spring Garden Ice Drop.

The glass gem in this one caught her eye. So, Mary Lou suggested this color glass gem with ecru or cream thread...

Isn't it funny how the same glass gem can look different depending on the time of day and the color of thread?


  1. Fabulous Ice Drops!!! :)
    It is interesting how lighting and color can make things look different-in the middle picture the gem looks yellowish and in the bottom picture is looks slightly green.

  2. Yes, fascinating how different thread colours change the look of the gem. And both pretty!

  3. Very interesting! Nice to have non-tatting friends who are so encouraging!

  4. It is amazing to see how different colors in thread make a difference 🌹


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