Monday, March 20, 2017

Keepin' busy

I've had so much fun the past few days, I forgot to post yesterday!

I've ordered so purchased so many glass gems and coin beads, I can't remember where they came from! I believe this pretty bead was on eBay.

 Yesterday, I finished round 5 of Renulek's Wiosna 2017.

You know my fascination with blue! The thread is size 20 Lizbeth #603, Ecru. I'm not normally a fan of ecru, but I do like the Lizbeth shade.

This morning I started round 6 of Renulek's Wiosna 2017! Round 6 has not been posted on the web site yet. The complete pattern is available in Renulek's Etsy shop. I purchased the pattern when it first became available, because I wanted to be able to keep it in a more condensed version than it would have been if I printed out each individual round. Plus, I like supporting designers!

I know I said I was only going to post pictures of my sister-in-law's runner as I finished rows, but I found that I wasn't taking the time to work on it. So, I think I'll post my progress whenever the mood strikes! 😉

I haven't done any weaving in a while. I was kind of stuck, because I was trying to come up with a neat project. My mom is always coming up with great ideas, and I strive to be just like her! Yesterday afternoon I got to thinking about weaving, and it dawned on me that I really enjoy weaving scarves. I have loads of yarn that I purchased specifically for making scarves. What was I waiting for?

Isn't this a pretty yarn? It's from Hobby Lobby, and I love the way it works up. I'm sure I'll have lots of scarves on hand, and I'm guessing that my family will not be interested in all that I make. So, I'll have to find a home for them. I'm sure I'll find some takers!


  1. A scarf??? Pour moi?!?😂😂😂😂👍🏻

  2. Haha - what Fox said! I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding homes for stray scarves. Ahem. 😉

  3. Lots and lots of awesome tatting there!!! :)
    On the mat it looks like the color is going from light to dark going from right to left(backward I know), and the funny part is that it looks like the light is on the darker side.
    Oooh.....beautiful weaving again!!! I love your bright fun colors!!! :) Maybe you could sell some of your scarves and put the money toward(no, not shuttles) :) more weaving yarns!! :) Just a thought.

  4. I don't know where to begin, I love everything and the white doily of Renulek's is wonderful. I do so love the vibrant yarn the color is as pretty as lizbeth!

  5. Oh yes, there will always be homes for such pretty scarves!

  6. I second what Fox said, I am sure they will find their own homes,
    Great ice drops and the doily is looking good so far.

  7. When I have leftovers that don't find a home, I like to send them to Good Will. That way I won't see where they go and I hope they will make someone happy.

  8. Wiosna 2017 tatting up beautifully! Lovely shuttles (and the blue holder is cook, too. Awesome weaving! I still have my pink one & put knitting needles and yarn bits inside. I figure the points will be fine in the yarn pouch.


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